Take Charge of Your Wellness Journey

Put Your-self-care First

Need help finding or making time for yourself during the day? How about combating overwhelm & burnout from doing all.the.things? What if you could deal with your emotions in heightened situations more calmly?  Let’s work together to put YOU first so those you love, especially yourself, all benefit. 

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Online Courses & Workshops

ama to prana membership

Monthly meetings, community support & a transformed approach to your wellness


Our approach to the monthly membership isn’t just a once a month call with hopes that you’ll do the work. Nope. Besides rethinking our daily habits with one specific strategy each month accompanied by a reflective // action plan session, you will also get a live call, a week of implementation before an additional live Q&A coaching session and community support.  And that’s not including the movement & meditation library. Won’t you join us?

1:1 Services

1:1 wellness coaching

wellness gal business services


In-Person Gatherings

Yoga classes


new moon women's circles


full moon women's circles


"The Ayurvedic route to great health involves two simple steps:
1. Doing Less; 2. Being more."

~Shubhra Krishan

Real Results From Past Clients

created new offerings & workshops

"Erica is someone to have on your team! "

She continues to safely coax my authenticity, visions, and values from inside of me and then masterfully translate them into language, and the how to’s of implementation.

~Michelle, Mama of 2 & nervous system specialist

revamped bedtime routine for better sleep

"I didn’t realize how much I needed this course until I started to take it!"

Erica has such a calm presence and really makes you feel like you have a safe space to open up about things.

~Blaire, Mom of 3

We're a Good Fit If...

You’re ready for less stress & more energy

Who doesn’t want that? But for real, are you really ready to make some changes? Let me help you find your flow with nature & your schedule.

You're dedicated to making small shifts for maximum impact overtime

Small and simple doesn’t always mean easy. But I am here to support you along the way.

you're ready to put yourself first in your family

Filling up your cup and prioritizing yourself isn’t selfish – it’s necessary so that you can be your best for those you love.