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Go-To Ayurveda Loves

This company is really the gold star in the US for Ayurvedic products. I can’t praise the breast balm and sleep oil enough.  Use code ERICA15 for 15% off.


These gals are my favorites for their oils & Ayurvedic body care tools. Everything is high quality, made with care & an absolute joy to use in my morning routine.

These gals have created the most ah-maze-ing herbal blends that really have a big bang for their buck. Two of my favs: Chill the F* Out & Better Than Botox. Use code ERICA15 for $15 off your purchase.

While not specifically Ayurvedic, this company is my one stop shop for all things make-up. They pre-vet their products & only stock all things natural.

My go-to for natural hair & body products. My favs: adzuki bean face scrub, rosemary mint charcoal bar shampoo, lavender rosemary dry shampoo & sea salt and seaweed spa soap. 

A great place to buy bulk herbs for your own home apothecary. Their blog is amazing for recipes and tips on how to integrate herbs into your whole lifestyle.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.

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ama to prana monthly membership

Monthly meetings, community support & a transformed approach to your wellness


Our approach to the monthly membership isn’t just a once a month call with hopes that you’ll do the work. Nope. Besides rethinking our daily habits with one specific strategy each month accompanied by a reflective // action plan session, you will also get a live call, a week of implementation before an additional live Q&A coaching session and community support.  And that’s not including the movement & meditation library. Won’t you join us?


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