august 29th - september 2nd

Contributor Info Page

Congratulations! I want to feature your product in the bundle!

This page contains a lot of very important information. Please read it very carefully.

Setting up access to your Product

We suggest you set up access to your product/course/offer by either:

1. Creating a 100% discount coupon that can be used on your regular sales/checkout page. To keep it easy for all participants, please set it up using coupon code = BACKTOYOUBUNDLE


2. Creating a sign up form/landing page specifically for the bundle that gives access once they put in their name and email address.

Important notes:

– You are welcome to include an order bump, upsell or tripwire offer as long as they can sign up for your bundle contribution product for free.

– If you are offering a membership, please set it up so they are not auto-charged at the end of the free period. You are of course welcome to follow up with them after the free month(s).

– You agree to treat party attendees as full, paying customers of your product. 

– Once you’ve submitted the details of your product/course, I’ll be signing up to check everything works nicely (hello@amatoprana.com).

Important Dates

  1. 1. Friday, August 5th. Submission deadline for all your contribution details and have all the tech set up to access the product. If I don’t receive your information by then, I will assume you no longer want to participate.

  2. 2. Thursday August 11th. You will have access to access to swipe files, graphics & content posting timeline suggestions. (I will try and get this ready sooner than that though!) 

  3. 2. Monday, August 22nd. You will have access to the bundle list page and can encourage your audience to get on the waitlist. 

    3. Monday August 29th-Friday September 2, 2022. Bundle opens. Promo promo promo! 

    4. Friday September 2nd @ 11:59pm EasternClose free access to your contributed product. 

Submit Your Product Details

Bundle products will be listed in the order they are received. 

Please make sure all tech is set up before you submit this form and that the bundle logo is on your landing page.

As a reminder...

Visitors to the bundle enter their name and email for the Back to You Bundle 

They’ll then be sent to the bundle shopping page where they can pick and choose which of the digital products/courses they want to access by clicking a button that says ‘I want this!’. 

When someone clicks the button to access your product, they’ll be redirected to a page where they can sign up for it. This will likely be a checkout page with a 100% discount code, or it might be a special opt-in page. Either way, they’ll be joining your list in order to access your product. Yay! New subscribers!

Hopefully lots of new subscribers (👋) who are interested in what you teach/sell because they’ve chosen to specifically sign up for your digital product/course. 

There are no email list size or promotion requirements. 

However I sincerely hope you will promote the bundle to benefit all contributors, grow your list, and maximize any upsells or tripwires.

You will receive a selection of graphics and swipe copy to make promo as easy as possible.

You can submit up to 1 digital product/course on any topic.  


– These products must be instant-access (i.e. not a contest or raffle).

– These products must not be available (on your site) for free.

– These products must not include a 1:1 element as we have no idea how many people may sign up (100s? 1000s?!).

Have a Question?

I am so excited about this bundle and want to be sure I answer any burning questions you may have. You can email us directly at hello@amatoprana.com and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.