I used to think the more I did for my kids, the better I'd be at this whole mom gig.

But it wasn’t until I was completely depleted and worn out that I realized it’s really the more I do for MYSELF that makes a difference. Now, I incorporate holistic techniques into my lifestyle to be my best version of a rockstar mama. 

I help busy mamas recognize their patterns & make shifts to find more time, joy & energy at home

I’d love to help you figure out exactly what your version of a rockstar mama looks like by tackling your stressors, teaching you strategies, & supporting you along your transformative journey.

if i can do it, you can too!

I began making these lifestyle changes while recovering from the birth of my 2nd child and while my husband was deployed with the Army. Talk about stressful! BUT by following the signature method I have created, I was able to shift the gunk // ama from my life and increase the flow of energy // prana I have for myself and others. 

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Less stress, more energy & better overall yumminess in your body? Yes, please!

Using multiple types of holistic approaches, I work with mamas to set up a routine that works with whatever life is throwing your way. We set goals and check in on the progress toward them.

Along the way, I help clients tweak their eating routines, digestion patterns, workout and movement practices, and morning & evening on-ramp and off-ramps.

My Favorite Things

PHISH food ice cream

trashy romance novels

Day at the beach

All things knitting

walking a labyrinth

i believe:

We really can’t be the best versions of ourselves if we’re worn out relying on coffee & wine to be our supports. We deserve to put ourselves first & take charge of our wellness journey.

that said, i'm not about:

The quick fix. It takes time & support to make habit changes that shift your energy & refocus you as a priority. 

for me, this looks like:

Early morning workouts in silence followed by some meditation before the crazy of the day begins. Nourishing, grounding body practices, time in nature, and more fun with everything.

Work with me


Not sure where to begin? Try a day of voxer intensive where we come up with specific goals and an action plan just for you! This 1:1 work will give you a taste of how I can support your wellness journey – specifically with your morning or evening routine, anytime stress release, or with digestion. 

"The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes."

~Sebhia Dibra

"Erica has such a calm presence and really makes you feel like you have a safe space to open up about things."


I want structure with a supportive community

Day of Voxer

I want to get clarity & create a personal plan

1:1 Coaching

I want to dive deep into my soul & unlock more freedom