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Helping You Create a Less Stressful, More Energetic Home

It all starts with you – the rock, the cornerstone of your home, the master scheduler of life & all. the. things. 

But are you putting YOU first? 

I help busy moms figure out holistic ways of shifting their routines so that YOU actually come first, build sustainable habits & reduce stress in your body and home.

I've got options for you.

Get the free roadmap to Know your stressors

We all can feel in our bodies when we are stressed. But looking back over the week or month, what are your daily triggers? Use my roadmap to really know so that you can get ahead of your stress.

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    Only you know how much time & space you have RIGHT NOW to make changes. But I’ve got options for you so pick one (or more) to get started today.


    i want structure with a supportive community

    The best way to make changes? With others!  I’m launching in person & online soon!

    Day of Voxer

    I want to get clarity & create a personal plan

    Looking for more individualized support? Try our Day of Voxer Intensive for morning, evening or meal time routines.

    1:1 Coaching

    I want to dive deep into my soul & unlock more ease

    Another individualized option is longer term 1:1 coaching. I have limited space & flexible options.

    I am a military service member, spouse or partner

    Being part of the military is unlike any other experience I have had. So, there are special programs I offer just for military members.

    i want to start with better digestion

    Ayurveda is known for having a powerful impact on your digestion. So let’s start with these guidelines for healthy eating to make your gut happy.

    I want to take a class online or in person

    Classes are always being offered and updated. Most are online but if you’re local, let’s get together for some in-person learning.

    Simple Strategies for Stressed Moms

    Taking Care of You So You Can Take Care of Them

    Four one-hour classes will walk you through new strategies and routines to incorporate into your daily habits to help recognize, combat, and prevent stress from taking over your busy times of day. Small shifts can make a big difference – they may be simple but with this class and its supports, I’m also making them manageable for real busy mama life.

    "She provided practical and effective strategies for me to incorporate into my busy life as a working mom of three young kids.

    Her support and unique approach to stress management helped me transform my thinking and behavior to live more mindfully.

    Courtney V.

    day of voxer intensive

    Create a Personalized Plan

    Not sure where to begin? Try a Day of Voxer Intensive where we come up with specific goals and an action plan just for you! This 1:1 work will give you a taste of how I can support your wellness journey – specifically with your morning or evening routine, anytime stress release, or with digestion. 

    Meet your coach

    Hello, I'm Erica

    I’m glad you found your way here. I’m a former high school teacher, adult professional educator, retired military spouse, & online learning specialist who now has the main roles of mom, wellness coach, health counselor and yoga teacher. 

    I know, there’s a lot to unpack in that sentence. But life changes a lot so I’ve learned to go with the flow that it brings. And that’s what I help busy moms do too – adapt and regroup when times are stressful or when we’re thrown curve balls.

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    "Start from where you are. Not from where you wish you were. The work you’re doing becomes your path."
    ~Ram Dass