shift your energy

Ready to feel differently in your body?

Hi! I’m Erica and I am here to help you clear your mind, balance your inner energies, indulge in rest and feel more aligned in your body by shifting your energy.

Let me hold space for you so that you can clear out the energy blocks holding you back from being your true, beautiful, radiant self.

I've got you, mama.

"Start from where you are. Not from where you wish you were. The work you’re doing becomes your path." ~Ram Dass


How does your body need to be supported right now? Be still, listen to the answer, and choose the best path for you below.

I want to feel more centered & less scattered

This 90 minute session includes:


i want to feel more rested & less exhausted

This 60 minute session includes:

I want to feel more energized

This 60 minutes session includes:

shift your energy

Work with Erica

I weave my background of Ayurveda knowledge and body therapies, yoga, tantra, herbalism, Reiki and sound healing to create a personalized energy shifting sessions that work to support rest and rejuvenation – both desperately needed by most mamas today.

Life changes a lot so I’ve learned to go with the flow that it brings. And that’s what I help busy moms do too – adapt and regroup when times are stressful or when we’re thrown curve balls by shifting energy and giving time to take care of ourselves.

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